Joseph Slebonick
Years of service
45 years
Additional position
Job training
Fire Training
-ACFA Fire Scene Photography Video
-Accountability Systems
-Fundamentals of Residential Building Construction
-Ventilation Focused Approach to the Impact of Building Structures and Systems on Fire
-Digital Photography and the Fire Investigator
-Everyone Goes Home, PSFA
-NFA Awareness of Command Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents
-NFA Fire Service Supervision

Rescue Training
-Draeger Confined Space Operations
-Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue, PSFA/CCAC

Hazmat Training
-Pipeline Awareness Education
-FEMA Radiological Emergency Mgt.
-Hazmat Operations
-NFA Emergency Response to Terrorism
-Carbon Monoxide Detector Response, PSFA/CCAC

EMS Training
-Stat Medevac Landing Zone Training

NIMS Training
-NIMS IS 100
-NIMS IS 200
-NIMS IS 700
-NIMS IS 800
-FEMA Principles of Emergency Mgt.
-FEMA Leadership Influence
-FEMA Emergency Planning
-FEMA Decision Making Problem Solving
-FEMA Effective Communication
-FEMA Developing Managing Volunteers
-FEMA Role of Volunteer Agencies in Emergency Mgt.

RAMP 2014

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